10 November 2013

The Bat

Author: Jo Nesbo
Translator: Don Bartlett
Series:Harry Hole book 1
Year published: 1997 in Polish, 2012 in English
Pages: 432
Time It Took To Read: A day

Ah, Nordic Noir. This book is, unusually for its genre, based in Australia. Harry Hole (pronounced Hoh-leh), a Norwegian policeman, goes to Australia to investigate the murder of a Norwegian woman. This leads him into a circle of drugs, prostitution, addiction of many types, and tempts him with alcohol. He also meets a beautiful woman. Of course, being this style of book, there's no happy ending. I was thoroughly depressed when I finished it. But that's not to say I didn't enjoy it or it wasn't good - quite the opposite, I was tremendously invested in the characters and hoped Harry would sort it all out by the end. I have got hold of the rest of them, and can't wait to get into them. Slowly. One by one. Not too much at a time, lest I get too depressed by them.

Book count: 49/50

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